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[Worldbuilding] A Handful of Funerary Traditions

#WritingWonders is at it again, asking questions that push me over the character limit. Today's prompt asks how death is handled in my world, which is something I've thought about quite a lot.

I'll try to keep this post short-ish, though. I'll only discuss the funeral traditions of a few countries.


Another post in which CR invites you to spectate while he infodumps worldbuilding at himself. These types of posts will all be about the same world.

This time, I'll ramble about...

Quanders! Land spirits with total control over their domains. Some create perfect, climate-controlled zones for the benefit of their resident humans; others have decided rain must be dangerous and prevent it from falling, ever. Some despise erosion and hold themselves as elevated pillars among worn canyons. Some despise gravity.

None of them know what they're doing, but good luck changing their minds.


You know how it goes: start one WIP and a dozen more brawl to be next in line.

I've really fallen out of the writing habit lately. To get back in the swing of things, I'm pausing my main project to work on a novella I've let stew for years. I figure this marks as good a time as any to post about all the projects I'm juggling.


Or: a post in which CR infodumps worldbuilding at himself. I've gussied it up with context for the context, in hopes other people might understand, but you have been warned. Setting up my own Writefreely instance has given me an unfortunate amount of power.

This time, I'm using that power to ramble about...

Borali! A country that isn't technically a country; a guild that isn't technically a guild; a cult that is... absolutely a cult. It's the setting for my WIP novel Out With The Bathwater, and it's a weird, weird place—even by the standards of its own world.


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